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Beware of fake profiles in social media - main culprit DeepFakeAI

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Recently, I have been getting frequent new connection requests in Linkedin handle from attractive women profiles, which have perfect profile picture, short bio and states they are working in leading silicon valley companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.. Initially, thought as some random profile who wants to get connected, but looks like this is a well oiled scam machinery done by few vested interests. The profiles look too good to be true, which would convince any one as a genuine profile.

However, on closer examination of the profile and its profile picture, a trained eye can notice many discrepancies like perfect center faced photo, blurry background, jumping hair and missing earrings to mention a few. Only after some googling, realized these are fake profile pictures generated using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technique called Generative Adversarial Network (GAN). By running GAN code on a GPU, any one can generate lifelike faces by training on large datasets of real people’s photos, which looks 99% real for normal people.

These fake profiles are currently created in large numbers as bots, in social media platforms like Linkedin to trigger new connection requests to unsuspecting individuals. Once convinced and connected they harvest their profile details and then provide fake insights and opinions to brain wash the victims. So next time, if you get any new connection requests from attractive American women beware it might be a trap.

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