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About Us

About Us:

Dreamik AI Comics, is part of MURVEN Infotech Design Solutions LLP, a new startup based out of Chennai, India. We deal with latest and futuristic technologies dealing with Artificial Intelligence, etc. More can be checked in our website

Dreamik AI Comics, a new startup dealing with on demand and personalized custom generated comic strips for branding, marketing, business, education and entertainment purposes.


Comic strips, are more accepted by today’s parents as a tools for helping children master literacy. Just a few words put together in a frame is all it takes for a comic strip’s characters to reveal a complete story.

Dreamik AI Comics at a glance


We at Dreamik AI Comics are people with futuristic thoughts and interests related to custom generated comics.

  • Started in the Jan-2022 as a small initiative utilizing Artificial Intelligence and programming, to redefine existing  mass produced comics.

  • Generate personalized and custom designed comics (per order) where in the customer is transformed as a character or avatar along with name in speech bubbles.

  • A mission to spread joy and happiness through the world of futuristic comics.

  • The new innovative design is currently pending patent with Indian patent office.


What will you find on Dreamik AI Comics:

  1. Soft Copy Comics (PNG images, PDF doc, MP4 video)

  2. Physical Print Comics (printed in glossy color paper and stapled)

  3. Other Memorabilia (like sticker, posters, labels, etc.)

So, feel free to drop in any suggestions or feedback that you may have, that could be anything and everything to improve this mission. Drop in an email to our email id: (or) (or)

Last updated date : 27-5-2022

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