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A new approach to getting customized AI Comics

Comic strips, are more accepted by today’s parents as a tools for helping children master literacy. Just a few words put together in a frame is all it takes for a comic strip’s characters to reveal a complete story.​

Dreamik AI Comics introduces a new innovative product (Patent pending) to the Indian market where customized comics strips can be generated for your kids. Parents can share their kids photo, which can be changed in a cartoonized avatar and along with your kids name, can be included as a character in to the story of the comic strip. This strip can be read online or watched as video or ordered as print on paper Parents can even share their kids name and photo via our App in Android phones or using E-mail or WhatsApp.

Once your child has gotten in the swing of things, you’ll probably find that her vocabulary expands as your kid searches for new words and these new use comic strips where their name and photo engraved sounds as a terrific way to grasp classroom lessons.

The main advantage is that this product is first of a kind in Indian market, where kids can enjoy their favorite comics by imagining themselves as a character in it. This improves their creative, memory, and cognitive skills, which gets reflected in their school studies. Our rates are very affordable and will suit every customer’s budget!

Comic strips are a great way to tell a story that you can give your kids when they are a kid, with their name and favorite comic strip. Dreamik can search for comics by month and year, and even subscribe to the ones you like. Join them on their adventures in this funny comic strip created by Dreamik.

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