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CHHOT-E ROBOT Episode 6: Indian Independence Day

CHHOT-E ROBOT Episode 6: Indian Independence Day


Welcome to my home kids, it gives me great pleasure to introduce myself to you all. My name is Chhot-E Robot, an intelligent and smart robot, who is interested to become your learning companion. My name is amalgamation of two popular characters in movies. I am made up of latest Arduino Embedded board integrated with different sensors. My intelligence is obtained through Artificial Intelligence, along with ability to adapt and learn from the surroundings. I would like to call all my friends, to get along with me for a fun filled and knowledgeable learning adventure. This is the first comics in India, where in the kids can become a character as an avatar (generated using AI technology) and interact with me, with your actual names. My comics are available in English, Tamil, Hindi and other languages.


Let’s educate ourselves and our kids about importance of Independence Day of our country. Learn about the hardhships & struggles faced by our nation under British occupation and the struggles & sacrifices make by our leaders for freedom struggle.

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