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The usefulness of comics for children

Comics is a beautiful medium used to express ideas with images. It is often combined with text or other visual information. The beauty of a comic is when it takes the form of a sequence of panels of images. It is represented as textual devices such as speech balloons and captions, which can indicate dialogue, narration, sound effects, or other information. They are spread across many genres, including drama, comedy, sci-fi and fantasy. In comics, there is bound to be something which suits people of all tastes. One of the best benefits of comic books is that they can be more fun and easier to read than regular books. Many children who think that they hate reading enjoy comic books that are based on movies or television shows such as spider man and the fantastic four.

Comic books are based on the past, the present or the future. It can be about the historical past, the developing present or the robotic future. They can also be about superheroes, mysteries, fantasy and romance. Comic books help children build creativity. It also boosts their imagination. Comics are helpful for children with learning difficulties. Most comic books come with high moral values. Comic books help kids become better readers, boost the reader’s confidence, increase exposure, improve reading, teach morals, make people think differently and are also fun. If kids don’t understand the comics, they understand better while seeing the pictures. Comic books are good to read because it increases kids’ imagination and reasoning ability, are always exciting and engaging for young kids to learn, make it easier for kids to absorb knowledge and content and stimulate their deep inner thinking. The main thing about comic books is the pictures and the colours in the story. It’s like you can’t stop reading a fascinating comic book.

The pale appearance of the text in various books often puts off a person, especially kids. The more you look at those books, the more you feel dull. This makes it challenging to absorb much information at once. But if the information is in images, you will find it easier to absorb. Reading comics makes kids more involved in more aspects of a book. Not only do kids read text, but they also receive visual stimulation from images. It makes them think multiple ways at the same time. Reading comics also train young kids to observe and think deeply. Books benefit kids, but reading comics can maximize those benefits. Kids find comics more enjoyable, easier to understand, or more accessible to their message. Comics like Amar Chitra Katha give a new perspective on mythological stories. Every child gets to relive the stories and also learn the epic without any bias.

These comics play an important role in developing the overall personality of an individual. Most important, those who do not enjoy reading novels can always try reading comics as it is less time-consuming, enthralling and relaxes a person. If, as adults, we inculcate this in our children, slowly, as they grow up, they will develop a love for reading. Children can have their own clubs or groups wherein each child can exchange their read comics with others. This also encourages kids to get the fundamental value of sharing, the value of money and the best utilization of time.

Many kids nowadays are a single child in the family. So, for them sharing is a new thing. These comics help to imbibe a positive quality. When kids exchange books, they don’t have the feeling of having comics only for themselves. This helps kids to learn to save money and not repeat books that their friends have. Most importantly, this keeps kids away from social media and technology. It helps children to bind with each other. If every child gets an opportunity to enter the world of comics, the coming generation will grow up to be better citizens with loads of positive values.

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