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The Rise of Customized and Personalized Educational Products in India

As customer tastes evolve, there is growing demand for custom designed products in India, tailor made for each individual customer. Customized or Personalized products, means any merchandise, which are made as per customer specification instead of mass producing them in a factory (Chinese model).

Post COVID lockdown, Indian customers are eager to purchase and notice a rise in affordable market place for customized and personalized Education related products market ( aka #PersEduProd / #CusEduProd ). Many personalized and customized products like notebook cover, story books, painting books, sticker labels and even cartoon comic strip products have been launched in Indian market. Previously some small vendors made personalized labels and luggage tags and sold them online in Amazon & Flipkart. Now, both established brands as well as new startups have entered the field in the year 2022 with slew of print / physical products and as well as digital products.

Let’s look at some of the offerings currently available in Indian market:

  1. ClassMate — Classmate is a notebook brand from leading Tobacco to FMCG brand ITC Ltd. They started making notebooks and other study related merchandise for school students from 2003. From 2022 onwards, they have launched customized notebooks, where in the customer can choose the cover photo on the notebooks. Customers can select the notebook type, quantity and simply upload any photos from their mobile or computer, for use as photo design material over the cover for that particular order set. Cost varies from Rs. 350/- and above excluding shipping charges.

  2. Make me Hero — Make me Hero is a story book brand which started from 2021 operating from Kolkata. They print customized story book with kid’s photo and name. They believe personalized books have a powerful role to play in the lives of kids by transforming them into a hero of their own story. Customer can order any of their story book from their website and simply can upload kid’s photo and name. They have wide variety of story concepts suiting from toddlers to preadolescent kids. Cost varies from Rs. 1250/- and above excluding shipping charges.

  3. NijiKart — NijiKart is a ‘Hyper Personalized’ story book brand for children, which started operations from Gujarat in 2022. Their brand name Niji (निजी) translates to personal in Hindi. They print hyper customized story book with kid’s photo as a colorful illustration with name along with their parent’s name. Their products have vivid images and boast themselves as a platform of personalization with the help of technology. They have wide variety of story books, activity books and greeting cards. Their products are suitable from toddlers to preadolescent kids. Cost varies from Rs. 250/- and above excluding shipping charges.

  4. Dreamik AI Comics — Dreamik AI Comics is a personalized cartoon comic strip generation brand based out of Chennai, which started operations from mid 2022. It uses latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to convert kid’s (max 2) photo to cartoon avatar. They also user a propriety tool (patent pending) to stich the cartoon avatars in to a comic strip along with the kid’s names in to speech bubbles. They have multiple episodes of smart-robot based story called CHHOT-E Robot, with which the kids interact as characters. Cost varies from Rs. 99/- for digital products and Rs. 299 and above including shipping charges for printed physical products.

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