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How comics have rekindled the habit of reading in children?

Dreamik AI Animation Comics is all set to bring back the joy of comics in little children by sending personalized gifts.

The pandemic has been the worst phase of everyone's life. Everyone was forced to stay at home. Young children were the most affected. They could not go out anywhere. They could not even go anywhere to play. This ultimately led to children getting addicted to television and playing video games. At some point, parents could not take this addiction and scolded the children. Many elders tried warning young children about the impact of gadgets on their eyes. This affected the children's attitude and their relationship with their parents. At one point, parents realized this and started subscribing to various comics. This became a new beginning for the children.

Instead of gadgets, kids started going to their bedrooms and taking a comic book to read. Those kids who thought that they hated reading storybooks started to read storybooks. As the reading journey started, it slowly created an interest among children. The pictures made them more engrossed while reading the story from the comic book. The kids who didn't read comics or storybooks found it fascinating. Instead of watching the television and playing video games, they read comic books during their free time. The kid's parents were surprised at the sudden change in behavior in their children. This helped children to interact and bond with other kids.

Some kids didn't even know that there was something called comic books. If young kids don't understand the story in the comic book, they understand better while seeing and reading the pictures given. It is because of the pandemic that young kids started reading more storybooks and comic books. This brought in a new transformation. They did not like to be disturbed, not even by their parents. These comics were a substitute for going out and playing. Children have learned to share comics with others to have access to maximum series, thus developing the sharing quality.

This has opened a new world of fiction and reality for children. They get to know about various historical facts and heroes through these comics. The most significant change is making these children improve their general knowledge, make them feel confident, and face the challenges of life. It helps them not only understand the difference between good and evil but also understand why we should follow the good and the right path. Most importantly, they also understand the negative consequences of doing something wrong. This socializing and interaction with friends who have the same interest guide each other in facing various challenging situations.

Post-pandemic, children have found a new way to socialize. Groups of different favourite comics have been formed. They play games using these characters. It is a trend to be a part of these comic sites and interact with people with the same interest globally. Various sites play a very important role in inculcating this habit. One such popular site is Dreamik AI Animation Comics. This has been a unique medium where various characters are created. Children get various social messages like good touch and bad touch, sharing, helping, etc. This also makes it easier for the parents to teach these concepts. The characters in the stories are so strong that the right message is communicated to the children. These characters propagate various values. The company has initiated sending personalized cards wishing the child for his/ her birthday. This makes it very special for the parents as well as for the young readers. An initiative like this clearly shows a new way for the young generation to learn and be better citizens of tomorrow.

If a more extensive crowd has access to this fantastic world of comics, then the world will be a better place. Every individual will learn to be compassionate, considerate, friendly, and helpful and seeing elders like this automatically, young children will imbibe these qualities.

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